Rachael Patten

Licensee Salesperson

Over the last two decades, the booming New Zealand real estate industry has undergone significant changes to manage soaring volumes and demand, and fierce competition created as a result. The value of having a skilled, diligent and caring salesperson throughout the sale and purchase transaction is widely acknowledged and has attracted a new breed of sales professionals. People who see their role as a lifelong career, dedicating themselves 100% and their passion and authenticity shine through at every turn. Rachael Patten is a perfect example, typifying the new and improved personal face of real estate in New Zealand.

Naturally a highly organised person, Rachel previously worked as ground crew at Auckland airport, then in vehicle hire and sales with a reputable global car rental company, here and in Australia. She’s also shown considerable entrepreneurial flair, setting up and operating an online retail business selling women’s fashion. All three positions allowed her to develop an excellent skill set in customer service, sales, and marketing, so she was well-primed for her move to real estate. What surprised her, however, was the overwhelming job satisfaction, admitting she now can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Starting at the high- performing Ray White Takanini office earlier this year, Rachel initially took on an administration and marketing role. She was instantly impressed with the friendly, supportive team and in the process of gaining crucial knowledge about real estate systems and operations, she saw an opportunity to move into a profession she would genuinely love.

Under the expert guidance of senior sales consultant, Rachel Johnson, Rachel gained her salesperson’s license while simultaneously getting the best grounding possible. The two Rachels make a formidable team; both highly focused on a core philosophy of customer care and attention and both possessing a driving desire to help others. Rachael Patten's strengths are immediately apparent on the first contact; her warm and friendly nature puts you at ease within seconds, and her effortless conversation identifies her as a person you can talk to and trust.

Intent on pouring her energies into her newfound professional niche, Rachel says she prefers to spend any free time relaxing, perhaps catching up with friends for coffee or dining out with her partner. Travelling is her favourite pastime; Rachael has visited numerous foreign destinations, another indication of her open mindedness and genuine interest in others.