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Dana White

Accounts Administrator


The first friendly face you’ll see at Ray White Takanini is Dana White (no relation). Dana is the accounts administrator for the Takanini/Karaka teams. It is her first career move since leaving high school, and she already has goals in mind for how she wants to climb in the real estate business.

Working towards being a knowledge bank the branch has to offer for all it’s agents and clients is just the first step. She enjoys the challenge of learning and giving new things a go. There are always challenges when taking in loads of information at once, but segmenting all the information and taking it in piece by piece makes it digestible, especially when you’re working with such a large group of agents with different properties. Being at the front desk, Dana gets a lot of face time with the agents. She loves the opportunity to bond with her co-workers in the office as well as outside of work. Building that culture and those relationships increase the levels of trust and reliance when getting the work done.

One of Dana’s stand out skills is her great communication. She’s not afraid to be the person to step in and help the people who need it. Good organisation also helps her power through day to day tasks so she’s free to help her coworkers outside of the ordinary. Dana is excited to become more involved with the business and learn more about the real estate industry. 

Being faced with the rest of your life at a young age can be daunting, but Dana is grateful she had some early clarity to what she wanted to be doing. With the help of supportive parents, and an equally supportive team, she knows she’s done it right. Her long term goals are to be happy and healthy in professional and home life and she aspires to be like the many influential women around the office.