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Fade Hormes

Licensee Salesperson


Born in Iraq and raised in South Auckland, Fade is a natural-born salesperson who joined the Real Industry from a highly successful career in Sales. Graduating with a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, Fade quickly realized he didn’t belong behind a desk crunching numbers and needed to pursue his passion for sales and interacting with clients.

Fade’s ability to empathize and understand each client’s needs regardless of their situation, alongside his determination to see a project through from start to finish is what drove him to Real Estate. Being an outside-the-box thinker with the ability to be pragmatic and scientific in his approach to solving problems has been the key to success in Fade’s Real Estate journey.

Honesty, transparency, and determination are the pillars that Fade has built his career on. His obsession with developing the outcome you want, and his ultimate belief that you should never settle for average, are what make him the right local agent to take you to the next step for all your property needs.