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Gagan Dhillon

Licensee Agent


Discover a real estate professional whose mission revolves around making a difference in people's lives. Gagan Dhillon is not just a realtor; he's a dedicated helper, a driven achiever, and a compassionate advocate for your property needs.

With an unwavering commitment to lending a hand, Gagan's journey of aiding others began when he made New Zealand his home in 2001. Since then, his enduring dedication has left an indelible mark, both professionally and personally. His diverse background mirrors the richness of his character – a blend of creativity, intellect, determination, hard work, and unwavering ethics.

In 2005, Gagan embraced a new path, one rooted in his humanitarian spirit. He enrolled in New Zealand Police College, dedicating nine impactful years to serving in the high-pressure corridors of South Auckland's law enforcement. Gagan's motivation, succinctly captured in his words, "My impact was felt even if not always seen."

In 2014, Gagan embarked on yet another transformative journey, this time stepping into the dynamic world of real estate. Armed with local insights, an innate desire to uplift lives, and an unwavering belief in his ability to enact change, he aligned himself with Ray White Takanini. After a year of honing his skills, he joined forces with a stellar sales team. Under the Ray White Takanini banner, this synergy achieved remarkable accolades – securing the eighth spot in sales and the third position in national growth rankings. It's undeniable: Gagan brings the complete package, including advanced negotiation finesse, to ensure you achieve optimal results for your property aspirations.

Gagan's true fulfilment lies in putting smiles on people's faces. Beyond real estate, Gagan's passions encompass Rotary, hunting, fishing, and crafting masterpieces in his bustling workshop.

When it comes to your property journey, Gagan Dhillon is your unwavering partner, the advocate who goes beyond the ordinary to bring you extraordinary results.

Experience real estate excellence with Gagan & his team.


  • 2023/2024 - Premier Performer
  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Elite Performer
  • 2020/2021 - Elite Performer
  • 2019/2020 - Executive
  • 2017/2018 - Premier Performer
  • 2016 - Executive Performer (NZ)
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