Jiha Chung정지혜

Licensee Salesperson

Jiha Chung is a woman of many talents. Multi linguist, entrepreneur, statistician, marketer, customer service and sales expert; take your pick, they all apply.

Immigrating from South Korea to New Zealand in 1996 to study, Jiha completed her Bachelor of Arts (Major: Chinese, Minor: Statistics) at Auckland University. Heading back to Korea with her fiance, she worked in a marketing role in the headquarters of one of Korea’s biggest food chains for two years, before going on a nine month overseas adventure.

Returning home to NZ, Jiha went to work at Telecom in Customer Services for their Korean speaking customers. In her second year, Jiha became pregnant with their first child, taking leave to parent full-time. Jija’s quick mind and entrepreneurial spirit eventually pulled her away from home to open her own clothing boutique in the exclusive Auckland High St. It was a time she loved, having the opportunity to use her sunny and approachable personality and superior customer service skills to grow her own high-end retail business. When her second child came along though, she returned to full-time motherhood.

When her children were 6 and 2, Jiha felt that same pull back to the workforce. She thought hard about what she wanted to do - with such a diverse background, there were many choices. She chose Real Estate, joining Ray White Takanini in September 2015, with a renewed energy and focus that was second to none. Selling 20 houses in her first twelve months, she realised she had found the one, a lifetime career using her best traits; super fast learner with the ability to adapt, approachable and friendly, and meticulously organised. A great combination in someone you place your trust in to buy or sell your most valuable asset. To top it off, she has the ability to converse with clients in multiple languages, easily facilitating bonds between people from various backgrounds.

Her ultimate goal is to be a prominent figure of support for the Korean Community in South Auckland. Living in Karaka Lakes, Jiha is happy to confess that her favourite hobby is just relaxing with family. She says that the down time allows her to reset, so she never gives any less than her best.