Mandy Kumari

Licensee Salesperson

Finding a job you love isn’t easy - Mandy Kumari counts herself amongst the lucky ones. She discovered her niche a year and a half ago upon applying for a real estate salesperson position at Ray White Manurewa. She had little idea that she’d be the perfect match.

In hindsight, there were plenty of clues to indicate Mandy’s suitability. For one, a productive sales career is mainly reliant on exceptional people skills and Mandy’s professional history makes a sound testament; all her prior roles have been in customer relations and sales. Her friendly, approachable nature reaped many rewards, including consistently higher sales figures than her colleagues and glowing commendations from employers who enjoyed her talent for building relationships.

Mandy also attained a manager’s qualification - proof of her naturally organised and efficient disposition and also providing her with the skills to handle advanced business processes. Last, not least, her family and friends offered her 100% support and encouragement, knowing her best of all.

Now, with considerable property sales experience under her belt, Mandy no longer needs those assurances. Her success rate securing new clients through property appraisals is hard to fault, and her testimonials are resounding. On reflection, Mandy believes it’s her empathy and genuine desire to connect positively which makes her so happy in her work.

Happiness comes readily at home as well, with Mandy spending a great deal of time with her children and husband. She sponsors local sports clubs in addition to Ray White South Auckland’s regular charitable initiatives. She loves a good book, cooking and always makes time to participate in her children’s curricular and extracurricular activities. Mandy also takes every opportunity to assist her extended family and her community through her temple.

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