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Downsizers Event

Our recent event on downsizing and lifestyle transitions was a great success, and we’re thankful for the valuable feedback from our attendees. The event featured two esteemed speakers, Natalie Palmer and Liz Bradley.

Natalie, a Learning Delivery Specialist at Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission, provided insightful information on Kiwisaver and retirement planning. She covered critical topics like retirement goals and financial roadmaps.

Liz Bradley, a decluttering coach and tidiness expert, shared practical advice on decluttering and organizing your home, making downsizing a smoother process. We aimed to make the event accessible to a wide audience, and the interactive Q&A session was a highlight.

We appreciate your input and will consider post-event resources for the future. We remain committed to offering guidance and support for individuals navigating lifestyle transitions. Thank you for being a part of this event, and we look forward to more in the future.