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Property Management

Repairs and Maintenance

In the event of necessary repairs at your property, it is essential to promptly inform your Property Manager either in writing or through the designated maintenance portal below.

However, situations that pose a risk of injury to tenants or property damage may qualify as ’emergency repairs’. Should such circumstances arise, immediate notification is imperative, even outside regular office hours or during weekends/public holidays.

Examples of emergency repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Burst water pipes
  • Blocked or dysfunctional toilet (in the absence of an alternative)
  • Severe roof leakage
  • Gas leaks
  • Hazardous electrical issues (e.g., exposed wiring)
  • Flooding or significant rainwater infiltration
  • Major storm or impact-related damage (e.g., vehicle collision with the garage)
  • Failure of gas, electricity, or water supply to the premisesv
  • Malfunction of essential utilities like water or cooking appliances
  • Hot water system breakdown

If unable to reach your Property Manager, please contact the designated tradespeople directly, clearly stating your tenancy with Ray White Takanini and the inability to connect with your Property Manager. It’s important to note that undertaking non-emergency repairs without prior approval may result in financial liability for the incurred expenses.