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Reasons why you should sell in January

1. Every year TradeMe Property is most searched in January
There are over 1.1m unique users visiting TradeMe Property site to search for property in January alone. Year on year records show an increase in searches with the start of the new year.

2. Low stock levels and greater competition
Typically there are less properties available for sale in January as most property campaigns are launched towards the end of January. This means the demand will outweigh the supply, creating more competition for your property.

3. Increase in open homes numbers
The number of properties for sale is typically lower in January since most property campaigns launch at the end of the month. Consequently, your property will be more competitive as demand exceeds supply.

4. More competition between buyers
A key element to auction success is creating competition between buyers. With the low stock levels and higher registered and active bidders this can create and environment that’s conductive to sellers receiving a premium price.

5. Finance pre-approvals
Historically buyers who are pre-approved in November and December have the pressure on to secure a home buy January or February to ensure they don’t need to re-apply for finance.